Filming Crews

Photo by Diego Mosquera

Filming Crews

The strategic location of Tiputini in the heart of Yasuni National Park and the abundance and diversity of life in our region, offers unparalleled filming opportunities for a unique shooting experience. Our location covers a number of different amazonian ecosystems and an incredible array of species that can be covered in short times. Making images of nature available to the public improves possibilities of conservation by allowing those who have little to no opportunity to visit the area to gain some appreciation for the species and ecosystems present. National and international news crews regularly visit the station to acquire images to accompany reports on topics related to Amazonia. Directors and staff members are happy to share information and opinions about Yasuní and its future.

We welcome a variety of international film crews from different countries, as well as photographers and journalists. Shows have been aired in outlets like the National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and PBS Nature and many more (see Past Productions list below). 

If you are interested on filming at Tiputini, we recommend a short preliminary visit to become familiar with the location, environments and facilities, and to determine logistical arrangements. We suggest you contact us at least 3 months before your planned initial date, so that we are able to properly advise you to meet all your requirements. 

For more information send us an email.  For prices and fees, please click HERE

Filiming Permits

Filming permits in Ecuador are issued on a case by case basis by the Ministry of Environment. Our team will guide you through everything necessary for filming in Ecuador. 

Productions filmed at Tiputini