Research is one of the principle cornerstones of our operation. The gathering of information about the diversity and functioning of this complex ecosystem will provide greater possibilities to understand and therefore manage it into the future as developmental pressures in the region continue to increase.

We are committed to make TBS one of the primary sites for Tropical Research in the Neotropics. With that vision in mind, we welcome anybody interested in developing new research as well as those interested on comparative studies.

For those wishing to develop a research project at TBS, you can send an email to our Director, Gonzalo Rivas , briefly explaining your research project, what kind of data you will be collecting and when you would like to start the project. We also recommend you reading our Research Guidelines, Research Policies and Permit Application Process documents.

The role of the station in scientific investigation is one of facilitation and cooperation. Therefore, we will continue to be supportive of research efforts well beyond the permitting phase.

While you are in the process of obtaining your research permit, please contact our General Administrator, Consuelo Barriga for reservations and prices. For more information about what to bring and how to get to TBS, please visit our Visitors Info section.

TBS will help as much as possible with the transportation of equipment within the country of Ecuador, but we cannot be held responsible for the value of such equipment. We will obviously make every reasonable effort to ensure that it arrives safely and in good condition.

Once you have arrived at the station, we can provide a guide for your first two days, to serve as orientation to our facilities and trail systems. If you require further assistance beyond that period on a permanent basis, we will help to identify and contract such personnel for you. If regular boat transportation is required, an additional fee will be charged.