Photo by John Blake

Vertebrate distribution and diversity patterns 

of Birds at TBS

John Blake & Bette Loiselle - University of Florida

We began our studies on vertebrate distribution and diversity patterns at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in February 2001. The main focus of our research is on the spatial and temporal patterns of diversity and distribution of bird populations on two 100-ha study plots. We use both mist nets and direct observations to sample birds; acoustic monitors also have been used in some years. We use these data to examine changes in abundance across years, spatial distribution patterns within and between plots, comparisons with data from other tropical sites, and patterns of annual survival (from mark-recapture analyses). A second component of our research focuses on lek-breeding manakins (family Pipridae) and currently combines behavioral andecological studies. We are interested in, for example, how consistent male manakins of several species are in their distribution within leks (i.e., do numbers of males and their positions change across years). We also have examined distribution patterns of leks in relation to environmental features as well as the role of manakins as seed dispersal agents. Finally, we use camera traps to examine the distribution patterns, both spatial and temporal, of terrestrial mammals and birds. This work has been conducted in collaboration with Station personnel. 

Ceratopipra erythrocephala (Golden-headed manakin) 

Pseudopipra pipra (White-crowned manakin)

Chiroxiphia pareola (blue-backed manakin)

Our studies have produced a number of publications over the years:

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