New Text Published on the Hyper-diverse Fauna of Yasuní  

Callionima inuus  Photo: K. Swing
Machaca fulgora Photo: K. Swing
Megaceras jasoniPhoto: K. Swing

As an invitation to the most diverse group of organisms in the most diverse parcel of land on the planet, Guía de los Artrópodos del Parque Nacional Yasuní, Ecuador (Field Guide to the Arthropods of the Yasuní National Park) by Fernando Carceller and Kelly Swing is a compact photographic introduction to the major groups of Neotropical arthropods which includes images of hundreds of identified genera and species. By providing distinguishing morphological information about the various taxa of insects and arachnids as well as natural history details, this practical Spanish language publication represents a most valuable contribution to the study of insects and their relatives of western Amazonia. Considering that this region of eastern Ecuador could well have 1 million species of arthropods, any compendium will continue to be incomplete for decades, if not centuries, to come, but this a great initiation on a path toward cataloguing and appreciating its entomofauna.