Our Facilities

Our facilities include a laboratory building of 600m2 (6000 ft2) fitted with wireless internet access, divided into two floors and distributed as classrooms, library, offices and research space. Housing is available for about 60 visitors and standard food service is provided. A network of well-marked trails that extend for about 40km (25mi) allows access for all visitors to all habitats. Several restricted trails and long-term research plots (two 1km2 areas separated by about 1km in upland forest, each with a 100m grid system and geo-referenced) are only available to investigators and their collaborators. Two observation towers (36 and 39m) in terra firme, provide access to the uppermost parts of the canopy.

Visitors are housed in any of several cabins that are located within 100m of the central lab building. Each cabin has two rooms with large screened windows, for ample ventilation and light. In the scientists’ section of camp, each room has two single beds; in the students’ section of camp, each room has two bunk beds. Each room has a full bath with a flush toilet and shower; we do not have hot water but the weather is generally warm. Towels are changed twice per week and bed linens are changed once per week. Laundry service is available to visitors that stay for more than one week. You do not need any camping gear or mosquito nets.

Our dining hall is located at about 100m from the lab building overlooking the river. The spacious open air building has room to seat over 60 individuals. The menu is rather international in general but we have incorporated a few typical Ecuadorian dishes that have proven to be popular with all our guests. We are happy to accommodate the needs of vegetarians or anyone who has allergies; please advise us of such requirements with some lead time, preferably when making reservations.

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